Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics For Sales

Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics For Sales

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

Do you make use of word of mouth marketing (WOMM) tactics?  Why should make use of this strategy when we have other strategies online for your campaigns?

 Word of Mouth Marketing

If you have realized, it’s not easy generating eCommerce sales. The online competition is extremely fierce.  Online brand presence doesn’t give you the added advantage you need.

You should step out of your comfort zone online and find strategies that will work for your business.

No matter how beautiful your web store may look, visitors might not come to you as expected.  To win nowadays, brands need strategies that will squeeze out opportunities for them.

Why do we most brand neglect word of mouth marketing? WOMM has been ignored by many brands because they don’t know the extent of its benefits.

What Do You Know About Word of Mouth Marketing?

When it comes to advertising, word of mouth marketing often referred to as the word of mouth advertising has more to offer brand.

Traditionally, this marketing spread from one customer to another person based on their recommendations.

Today, this strategy has advanced because it talks about natural occurring events and targeted efforts, where customers share their favorite brand with others.

Word of mouth marketing doesn’t cost you anything. However, you have to offer excellent customer experience with your products or services including customer service.

Everything about your business should speak volumes to your customers.  In our hyper-connected world, recommendations have most impact on a business.

Brands have capitalized on word of mouth marketing to push out products or services.  We have many marketing tactics and best practices that encourage businesses to use this campaign.

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You may have amazing social media campaigns, but when customers share or talk about you to others, you have viral marketing campaigns.

 Word of Mouth Marketing

Why Do We Use Word of Mouth Marketing?

The explicit goal of promoting your online business on the social media is to reach out to more people. We know that customers trust other customers’ recommendations instead of companies.

To make business decisions, customers prefer listening to people who have used the same product or services.  This brings WOMM to work for your business promotion.

Instead of relying on Google AdWords or other ads, WOMM has proven to be more effective in improving business sales.

It’s easier to convert more visitors into customers when you make use of word of mouth marketing strategies.

Trust is encouraged by the social media platforms that have a significant effect on what people buy from a website.

Therefore, when people have trust in your brand, they tend to make direct or indirect business actions with your business.

If people don’t trust your brand, it will have a significant effect on your business. We have seen businesses become popular when they create a Facebook page for their brands.

We have equally seems brands go viral when they make use of YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter influencers, and by starting podcasts.

You may not know this, but word of mouth marketing plays significant in this type of viral marketing.

 Word of Mouth Marketing

Amplified Word of Mouth Marketing vs Organic Word of Mouth

There are two types of word of mouth marketing: The organic marketing and the use of advertising and marketing campaigns.

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These two types of marketing have inbuilt overlaps. A good WOMM strategy can improve organic WOMM.

 If you have a good number of organic WOM, your WOM campaigns become more successful.

Organic Word of Mouth –  This type of marketing happens naturally when customers talk about your products or services.

These customers have the natural desire to talk to others about your brand.

Amplified Word of Mouth – When you make use of amplified WOM, you launch marketing campaigns that accelerate or encourage WOM in new or existing communities.

Word of Mouth Marketing Popularity

Customers believe the recommendations from family and friends compared to other advertising methods.

Friends and families have become key influencers to purchasing decisions made online.  You should not think that WOM is going out of style soon.

You may have cool AI advertisements, but you may not gain much if you don’t add word of mouth marketing to it.

Since you don’t have power over what customers say about your brand. You have the power to make your brand a better platform for your potential customers.


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