Virtual Meeting Etiquette Guide for Brands
Meeting via video conferencing app: manager using sales analysis graph while discussing strategy with colleagues via video chat on laptop

Virtual Meeting Etiquette Guide for Brands

Virtual Meeting Etiquette Guide

Brands have started making use of virtual meeting etiquette to impress their clients and customers.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Since the global pandemic, businesses have started making use of the virtual world to meet their customers or host their clients.

Before the covid 19 pandemic, we have seen remote meeting growing popular among businesses. Today, even businesses that were sceptical of going virtual, have embraced it.

Video conferencing can help businesses boost their collaboration and productivity among team members.

 However, if your business does not follow virtual meeting etiquette, you may miss many investment opportunities.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette to Learn

How do you prepare for your virtual meetings? If your team members do not know about virtual meeting etiquette, it may be challenging to achieve a meaningful result with them.

Here are some of the things you should know about virtual meetings:

Prepare for your Virtual Meeting.

You have to prepare for your virtual meetings the way you prepare for your in-person meetings.   It wouldn’t be a fair treatment if you waste the time of the invitees.

Time is of the essence when it comes to having online meetings. Businesses must respect the time of their invitees.

The first thing about virtual meeting etiquette is that you have to make it useful and productive. The ideal way to get this done is to prepare your meeting in advance.

Here is a guide to help both organizers and participants when it comes to virtual meetings.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette for the Organizers

Prepare The Agenda.

The agenda of a meeting is prepared like a roadmap that will help you navigate your way through the meeting.  An agenda will help you prepare in advance for your meeting.

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Virtual Meeting Etiquette
Meeting via video conferencing app: manager using sales analysis graph while discussing strategy with colleagues via video chat on laptop

Businesses have to ask the following questions before having their online meetings:

  • Who will attend the meeting with you?
  • What is the purpose of the meeting?
  • When and where will the meeting hold?
  • How much time do you need for your meeting?

Before you schedule your virtual meeting, ensure that you have an agenda that will be shared among the invitees in advance.

Most agendas come with six components:

  • Time allocated for every point
  • The body of the agenda works plan or the virtual meeting work plan.
  • The agenda header must identify the caller of the meeting, purpose, location, time, and date of the meeting.
  • The reason why the meeting is holding and what to accomplish after the meeting.
  • Input that includes assigning roles during the meeting.
  • Follow-up invitees that includes sending out the minutes.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette for Attendees:

For attendees, they must review the agenda of the meeting and other relevant documents before attending the meeting.

This helps them prepare for the virtual meeting and be on time.  It also addresses the concerns or questions to be asked.

For Everyone:

Whether you are an attendee or the organizer, you should learn to do the following:

  • Make use of a room that is brightly lit.
  • Make use of neutral backgrounds. For people using Zoom, the tool comes with a virtual background.
  • Make use of a quiet room free from distractions and find rooms that are carpeted to reduce reverberation.
  • Make use of the laptop and not smartphone to avoid shaky hands. If you are having an audio meeting only, make use of good headphones with built-in mics. Make sure that the webcam is up to your eye level.
  • Test your gadgets before your virtual meetings. If you are making use of cell phones, ensure that they have strong signals without interference.
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The Meeting Should Look Productive and Real

Work to ensure that you create a real atmosphere for your meetings.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Dress appropriately.

That you work from home does not mean that you should appear in your virtual meetings with night outfit.  Dress appropriately if you must be taken seriously for your virtual meeting.

Start the Meeting Right.

You shouldn’t jump into the agenda of a virtual meeting without letting invitees introduce each other.

Be respectful.

Virtual meeting etiquette demands that you appear respectful even though this type of meeting my not appear professional. However, the truth is that these meetings are professional.

What this means is that you should turn off computer or smartphone notifications.



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