The Eisenhower Box: Task Prioritization Simplified

The Eisenhower Box: Task Prioritization Simplified

The Eisenhower Box- Making Marketing Easier

For those in the marketing niche, chances are that you may have come across the Eisenhower Box.  People come across this concept when they have a lot of tasks to do at a time.

The Eisenhower Box

A mistake may ruin your marketing productivity if you don’t have a strategic approach to how you handle your duties.

  Many people look for ways to do their tasks without being over-loaded with them. How do marketers become more productive with many times at a time?

The solution resides in what we called the Eisenhower box.  This important matrix can help a business owner or marketer unleash their productivity.

What Do You Know About the Eisenhower Box?

The Eisenhower box is a form of prioritization framework referred to as an urgent-important matrix. This matrix is a popular strategy of organizing your business tasks.  Dwight D. Eisenhower made the matrix famous.

The matrix is based on squares in the box or the four quadrants that help marketers or team group their tasks based on urgency and their importance.

The Eisenhower Box

You have to learn how to arrange your business or marketing tasks out in order to get it right in the Eisenhower box or square.

The Difference Between Urgent and Important

We have to consider the difference between urgent and important before we can critically look at what the Eisenhower box does.

Most people mistake urgent and important because the two often linked to the word crucial. Urgent simply means that you have to act on a task immediately.

The tasks to be acted upon may not be extremely useful or important to your marketing strategy, but they need to be finished as soon as possible.

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These urgent tasks are either overdue or due soon, so you need to act on them fast to produce results. You may lose a lot if you don’t carry them out.

Important is the task that you know is crucial to your long-term tactics.  These tasks may not be carried out as soon as you did with the urgent tasks.

You should understand that your task may be urgent and important at the same time. However, the task usually, is not either in many cases.

For you to master the Eisenhower box strategy, you have to understand the way to qualify or recognize your task.

How Does the Eisenhower Box Work?

The urgent-important matrix has four quadrants of tasks, you can an Eisenhower square or the Eisenhower box.

Question 1:

The Eisenhower Box

Urgent +Important = DO

This has to deal with a business task that has to be carried out in person and immediately. They are often referred to the tasks that relates to emergencies, sudden, unpredictable, or deadline situations.

These tasks demand attention immediately, and must be carried out in the business to flourish or avoid catastrophe.


You got a partnership offer from a potential customer. The task is both urgent and important. If you don’t carry it out immediately, another company may take over the partnership.

Question 2 : Important + Not Urgent  = DECIDE

In this task, you have to decide whether to leave the task or proceed with it. For marketers using the Eisenhower box, they often spend more time dealing with the Eisenhower square.

You can schedule the task for the future.

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The complete audit of the social media networks for your client may not be an urgent task. However, it is important for the improvement of performance and identifying challenges.

Question 3:

Not important + Urgent = DELEGATE

In this group, the Eisenhower box helps you eliminate or delegate the task because you don’t want to pile up your duties and lose productivity.

When you spend more time on projects or tasks in this category, you may get a short time victory, but lose out on the pressing needs of your business.

The Eisenhower box helps you reduce, delegate and get rid of some of the tasks in your Eisenhower square.


Your team worker asks for a favor during an important task for a client. What do you do? The Eisenhower box helps you make the right choice over a not urgent favor.

A coworker asks you for a small favor during your work on a social media strategy for an important

Question 4:  Not Important + Not Urgent = ELIMINATE

The Eisenhower box helps you eliminate destructive activities taken as tasks.


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