Task Prioritization Tips For Managers

Task Prioritization Tips For Managers

Task Prioritization Made Easy For Business Owners

Business owners tend to get lost when they have many tasks to do, especially when their task prioritization is not done right.

Task Prioritization

Social media managers are always looking for ways to adopt the latest updates, trends, and changes quickly.  With the many new tasks on the desk, it’s easy to get lost.

However, when you make use of the right task prioritization like the Eisenhower box, you find it easier to take up every challenging task.  Tasks don’t have to be a struggle if you prioritize your task well.

How do you prioritize your tasks to help you identify tasks that the most crucial? If you cannot focus on crucial tasks, it may  cost you a lot of things.

When you have a lot of tasks on your plate, it may come with frustration and resentment, except you have the right task prioritization.

Task Prioritization Strategy For Better Productivity

Higher Productivity

How do you achieve a better efficiency and productivity in your workplace?  To master task prioritization is not something that happens overnight.

You will learn over time to understand which task is crucial or not. You find it easy to differentiate between important and urgent tasks.

Learn how to classify your tasks and divide them according to Eisenhower box strategy.  With the Eisenhower box, it’s easier to divide your tasks into quadrants.

When you do this, you spend more time doing the tasks that demand urgent attention before moving to tasks that can be done later.

You achieve better efficiency and higher productivity when you classify your tasks.

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Processes into Factors

When you want your task prioritization to work effectively for you, find ways of improving your social and marketing strategies. When you do this, you break the process into various parts.

Task Prioritization

Processing Tasks Stages

We can divide the process of your task prioritization into four;

You should recognize tasks that need urgent attention for Q2, when you write down the tasks that should be in Q1 and Q3.

Pick tasks from Q1 and Q3 that you can stop from happening again.

Box Q2: These tasks need a lot of time. You should clear up the Q4 LIFO, meaning ‘Last in and First out’ tasks. You should either reduce or delegate the Q3 tasks to attend to your Q2.

Learn to schedule the Q2 tasks on time to keep you on track before they end up as the unwanted or unserious Q1 tasks.

The Q2 shouldn’t be focused without a reason. When you spend more time on the Q2, you reduce the tasks in Q1.

Take for instance, if you are a social media manager, you can achieve this in the following way:

  • Getting a Social Media Automation Tool- This task can be added to Eisenhower Box Q3 because it can be delegated.
  • A Competitive Analysis- The task can be added to Q2. This task can be delegated if you have someone who can help achieve it.
  • Rocking Instagram- This type of task should be in a backlog of your business ideas. Add it to Q4 because you may not have a clear concept about it.
  • Developing Crisis Procedure – You add this to your Q2 box. It’s recommended you work on this immediately before it ends up as a Q1 task.
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 How Do You Lower Your Workload?

When you understand how task prioritization works, you can lower your workload with the Eisenhower box.

The division of tasks with this box, eases the challenges associated with many tasks coming at once.  You know what to do with the tasks when you have prioritized them in the box.

Task Prioritization

How Do You Eliminate Distractions With Task Prioritization?

For social media managers, the social platform can be crazy, with lots of distractions.  If you are not disciplined you may not resist the temptation of getting lost with the trends of the day.

You should divide your tasks up and add time to them. When you do this, you find it hard to waste time on things that are not important while working.

With time management, you can eliminate the many distractions online while carrying out different tasks.

If you are a social media manager, you have tasks that deal with distribution, strategy, or analytics.  Task prioritization will help you save time, delegate or eliminate from the task box.


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