Strategic Growth Guide For Startups

Strategic Growth Focus Instead of Going Viral

Watching your videos and stories go viral has this type of euphoria that never wants to fade until the hype ends, but not strategic growth for businesses.

Strategic Growth

Viral strategy is for a short-term business solution. The only time you win is why the content or videos is viral. Viral growth doesn’t stay for long because it works for a specific period.

Why must you focus on your business, strategic growth instead of the viral growth? We know that the social media has more to offer than going viral.

The social media viral strategy is to meet audience outside your target customers.  We have seen viral content move to the biggest news platforms.

 The feeling of achieving viral status is beyond explanation. However, this may take you a carefully thought out strategy to achieve your content to go viral.

Behind viral content resides measure put in place to meet the right audience. We also know it can happen spontaneously too.

Why Do You Need Strategic Growth Instead of Viral Hype?

Why will want to have something that last for minutes or days to strategy that stands the test of time? Strategic growth is what businesses should focus more.

You should spend more time planning strategies that will keep your business winning. This may take time and resources more than what you use for your viral strategies.

Strategic growth has become what established brands use to market fiercely in their niches.  When stories go viral, what is the next thing to do when it dies down?

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If you didn’t take advantage of that short time of popularity, you may not do anything meaningful with your short fame.

Strategic Growth

 Most experienced social media influencers may not promise you that your content will go viral under their care. Going viral requires more than engagement and faithful followers do.

Sadly, individuals tend to go viral than brands or businesses. The reason is that people make use of the social media to connect with humans and enjoy themselves.

For businesses, they have something to sell to these people. You disrupt what they came to do online with your marketing campaign. If you don’t do it right, they may leave your profile.

The internet decides what it wants to go viral and easily find authentic content compared to the sponsored posts.

Why Strategic Growth Is Important to Viral Content

For strategic growth, the aim is to maintain a long-term success without losing out in a marketing campaign.

When you have a strategy that will take advantage of viral moments, you have more to gain. However, the first thing to do is to have a strategic growth process in place.

Long Term Growth

Most businesses that go viral find it challenging to create the next viral content. This adds pressure on the marketing team or the person responsible for this feat.

This sophomore slump of not creating another viral content can be depressing. People tend to leave after the hype and if no viral content comes again, more people leave.

Strategic growth is important to businesses because it is a long-term strategy.  If you make use of strategic growth for campaigns, you have less pressure to meet targets.

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You gradually build on your skills to create viral content over time. You find ways to attract your target audience and convert them easily.

Strategic Growth

With strategic growth,  a business builds trust, relationship, and consistent engagement with customers over time.  You may not achieve this if you go viral once and few in between.

Loyal followers tend to interact with posts that are strategically crafted instead of the one that went viral without much strategic growth steps.

How do you achieve success in the social media as a business or a brand?  Branded social media have left the era of focusing only on sales or product promotion.

Strategic growth success of these platforms demands creating amazing content that will relate more with the audience.

 Products or services, come later when you want to achieve great results on social media.


 What worked for Mr. A may not work for you. Find strategic growth tactics that will work for your business without putting unnecessary pressure on you or the team.

Growing strategically on these platforms can come with well laid down plans.



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