Powerful Exit Popup Strategies

Powerful Exit Popup Strategies

Powerful Exit Popup Tips For Business Owners

Do you know how to use a powerful exit popup for your business? What does exit popup mean to a business? Exit popup helps you retain people who want to leave your site without taking action.

Some people who want to leave your site might end up staying when they find a powerful exit popup more exciting.

Powerful Exit Popup Strategies

Here are some of the ways you use powerful exit popupto your advantage?

Use Animation

One of the ways to get the attention of your target audience is when you make use of animation. 

You should find animated motions to catch the attention of everyone who visits you. 

 An animated point with a call to action button and a directional visual cue with movement can give you an edge.

A powerful exit popup strategy like this can keep people on your site longer. 

Ask Your Visitors to Follow You on Social

Sometimes, asking your visitors for their email addresses can be tough. The reason is information overload. 

People are protective of their email addresses and may not want to give it out to some people. You can ask them to follow your social media pages, especially if you have social proof.

Assume the Close

You should assume the close with your powerful exit popup. The move is that you assume that your visitors have taken an action.

How to Make Powerful Exit Popup For Your Site

Include Testimonials

You can add testimonials to make your powerful exit popup more effective. We know that testimonials are important for businesses.

Why not use it on your powerful exit popup? You should know that the exit popup can function as a mini sales avenue for your business. 

While you might be giving things away, you are getting something in return. This can be in the form of social follow, or getting their email addresses. 

You should convince your target audience to take action with testimonials. 

Create a Compelling Button Copy

How do you use your powerful exit popup to create a compelling button copy? Do you use Sign Up, Download, or Subscribe?

You should find a better button copy that will make people click more. You can create something original and catchy to get the attention of your audience.

This is what makes a powerful exit popup a powerful tool for marketing. You can make your powerful exit popup more enticing.

You can attract people with your money button like “Get My $100 Off.” You can do many things with your button copy.

Powerful Exit Popup Strategies

How to make use of a Powerful Exit Popup

Give Your Visitors a Chance to Win

You should allow your target audience to win things. This little incentive can be included in your powerful exit popup.

You can make use of physical items because they are seen as a higher perceived gift. Find something that is physical and offer your visitors when they come to your page.

Not everyone must win. Make sure everyone has the chance to participate when they sign up for your business newsletter or follow you on social.

Use a Striking Image

A striking image on your powerful exit popup can be all you need to do. We have seen the power of images on the internet.

Find images that are compelling to send out a message to your audience. 

Use Color to Direct the Eye

Kindleprenuer exit popup can be effective when you use color to direct the eye. Make use of visual cues that will direct people to the messages you want to pass to them.

We know how color works but works well when you utilize contrast in your selected colors. This will help direct your visitors’ eyes to your exit popups.

Powerful Exit Popup Strategies

Incite Curiosity

You can make your powerful exit popup stand out when you incite curiosity. Make use of information to achieve this curiosity. 

Get Inside Your Visitor’s Head

Finally, use your powerful exit popup and get inside the head of your visitors. Think like your visitors and offer them what they want.

Ask questions and use those questions in setting up exit popups that will attract your visitor.

 When your visitor sees that you have something he or she wants, the person tends to spend more time on your site.


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