Messenger Chatbots For Facebook Marketing

Messenger Chatbots For Facebook Marketing

Messenger Chatbots For Your Campaigning

Have you used Messenger Chatbots for your Facebook marketing campaigns before?  Over the years, Facebook has proven to be one of the effective marketing tools for many brands.

Messenger Chatbots

With the number of people using the social platform, businesses have found the perfect niche to deal directly with their potential customers at a very low cost.

One of the ways they achieve their marketing goals is with Facebook Messenger Chatbots.  These chatbots come handy for many functions on the social media.

Chatbots are computerized programs develop to communicate with humans over the internet. These Messenger Chatbots work to simulate a human-like conversation that is based on text or voice.

You can implement these chatbots in various ways, like on your apps, websites, and Facebook Messenger.

Uses of Messenger Chatbots For Business Marketing

Saves Time: The chatbots help business take over their repetitive projects.

Automation: Potential customers receive instant responses to their messages or enquire.

Personalization: With the data from a brand, these bots offer customers a human conversation and engagement.

Proactive Customer Interaction- Chatbots help create a proactive interaction with customers even without the support of a team.

Accuracy of response: These chatbots are efficient and effective in their responses.

Engagement: Chatbots engages users in a better conversational way and improve the customer’s experience.


Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Here are some of the benefits of the Messenger Chatbots for brands:

Distribution of Promo Codes

When you want to distribute some special promo codes, you can make use of the Messenger Chatbots to push them to your customers without difficulties.

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Messenger Chatbots

This encourages your potential customers to connect with your brand easily.  Your potential customers get their promo codes via the chatbots.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

You can boost your marketing or sales tactics with the Facebook Messenger Chatbots.  How do you achieve this?

When you interact with your customers, you identify their needs and learn how to segment them. You can adjust the chatbots to fit into your customer experience positively.

With the chatbots, you can provide a valuable piece of content or free advice to help your customers make purchase decisions faster and easier.

Messenger chatbots can help you improve your lead nurturing.   With the bots, you can personalize your marketing messages and send them automatically.

This way, a brand improves its relationship with potential customers.

Improving Engagement

With Facebook Messenger Chatbots, you can entertain and interact with your customers in an engaging way.

When you respond to your customers or potential customers’ questions, and make use of surveys, puzzles, quizzes, and others for your engagement, you have more lead conversions.

How Do You Build Your Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Many business owners don’t know how to build their Messenger Chatbots.  For starters, the giant social media network provides the automatic responses.

If you are an admin of a business page on Facebook, you can set up your automatic messages that the chatbots can send automatically to your users.

Messenger Chatbots

A business owner can set up a chatbot with:

  • FAQs (built with answers for a predefined interaction with users)
  • Instant Reply and Away Message
  • Response to Feedback

Maybe, you can use the social templates on Facebook or create your own business message. The process is simple and doesn’t demand much work.

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For business owners who want a complex and helpful interactions with users, they can build Messenger Chatbots for their brands.

How do you achieve this? You will need an expert who specialized in chatbots to help you or use a chatbot site. However, we have amazing tools that are free to use. They include the following:

  • Chatbotize
  • Tidio
  • Chatfuel
  • Botsurfer
  • ManyChat

With these free Messenger Chatbots platforms, you have a lot to gain from the program conversation system.  You decide the right template to fit in for your business.

Some of these AI chatbots are intuitive and offer users drag-and-drop editors. The drag and drop editor let you understand how you can work with the bot.

We have chatbots with advanced plans that come with an image and voice recognition for their interactions.

Finally, if you want a virtual team that wouldn’t disappoint you, the Messenger Chatbots can help you achieve a lot more at no cost.




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