Medium Tips for Viral Post

Medium Tips for Viral Post

Medium Tips of Making Content Go Viral

At a time, when businesses experience a decline in organic reach on different social platforms, Medium has become a beacon of hope to these businesses.


If you produce high quality content that receives little love or engagement from readers, you may reconsider your content strategy and make use of Medium.

This platform has no business with celebrities or influencers who have no power to churn out relevant and high quality content.

It doesn’t matter if you have no follower or little influence in your niche, you can change all that with a presence on this platform.

Your content can get green hearts and tons of views if it’s relevant and powerful. For content marketing, Medium is a great lever.

Medium Top Tips For Content Optimization

Here are some tips to make your content go viral on Medium:

 Make Use of Powerful Images

To draw tons of views, you need compelling images, especially at the top of your post.

 You should add a picture immediately after a headline to assure that it appears as part of a teaser on the mobile news feed.

Visuals improve readers’ engagement on any platform. An image is vital in posts made in Medium to boost your teaser.

With the right image, you convey the totality of your content to your audience.

Promote your Content

It pays to sponsor your content. You can run your ads on Twitter and Facebook to promote your Medium content.

If you want to promote your posts on the platform to get the coveted green hearts, you must target audience with an account on the platform.

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If you fail to do this, you end up wasting your money and targeting for another content marketing goal.

Submit Your Content To Medium Publications

You can take advantage of the Medium Publications to push your high quality content to a wide range of audience.

When you get featured in these publications, you get a massive boost to your content.

What You don’t Know about Medium Posts

Delete Your Content & Repost

You should know that some of your articles may not end up viral. However, if you think such articles could do better despite their shortcomings, delete them.

Yes! Delete them and repost. Success in Medium may happen when you post at the moment right time. Change the posting strategy you formerly used and start a new strategy.

Build Your Facebook and Twitter Fans

Medium helps you with your content marketing by automatically syncing your social media followers on Facebook and Twitter.

When you grow a loyal fan base of these two platforms, Medium goes the extra miles to grow your fan base.

Follow Engaging Readers

This strategy is simple to follow. When readers engagement with your posts, whether it comes as a comment or recommendation, follow them.

This simple act of following makes them see you following back, and keep them glued to your future posts.

You should strike with more content when they have you in mind with their engagement. Don’t think because you followed them, that many will follow back.


Post On A Regular Basis

You don’t keep your readers waiting for a long time.  You must always post fresh content to keep your readers engaged.

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The more interesting and relevant posts you push out, the more followers and engagement you receive.

The amazing part of publishing fresh content on a regular basis is that they are shared on other platforms by readers.

Before you think of posting on Medium, you have to good in publishing excellent and high quality content. The platform rewards only those with great content.

You should know the platform stands out from media websites and traditional blogs. The ethos of the platform is democratic in nature, allowing you to speak freely.

If you want the respect you desire from writing high quality and relevant posts, make use of Medium in promoting such content.

The platform doesn’t recognize how famous you are if you don’t put down amazing content for your readers.

You can it a social media platform, but has something most platforms don’t possess- excellence and quality creation only.

If you don’t have quality content, you have no solid presence in Medium.


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