Instagram Marketing Campaign Strategies

Instagram Marketing Campaign Strategies

Instagram Marketing Campaign For Business Owners

To achieve success on the social platforms like Instagram as a business owner, you need to have a solid Instagram marketing campaign.

Instagram Marketing Campaign

It takes more than hard work to understand how this platform works for business marketing.  If you run a B2B, you may have to take your campaign to Instagram.

How do you develop your strategies for an Instagram marketing campaign?

Key Steps to Develop Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

The following are major key steps to develop your marketing strategies on this social media platform:

Define Your Business Target Audience

Before you think of the content to develop for your business, you need to consider your potential customers.

When it comes to using Instagram, a major percentage of people using it are under the age of 35.  Females make use of it more than the male folks.

You should understand the United States of America top the list of Instagram users and following behind is India.

However, you should get better insights into your target audience about their preferences.  These are what you should do:

  • Who are your current customers and what do they want? Do they share any characteristics?
  • Carry out a competitor research
  • You should study your other social media analytics to learn about your followers

When you understand this, you can think of the content to share, and how they relate to your competitors and the businesses they are following.

Set Your Business Goals

One of the Instagram Marketing Campaign strategies you may use is the S.M.A.R.T framework, which means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

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When you have this type of guideline, it’s easier to win your goals because you have tailored them to meet your business needs.

Instagram Marketing Campaign

How Can Instagram Marketing Campaign Help You?

When it comes to making use of Instagram marketing campaign, how can the social media help you achieve your goals?

 You have to work smarter and with information on your target audience to do better on your campaigns.

Have a Business Posting Schedule

When you have a fan base, they expect you to post fresh and high quality content on a consistent basis.  This will help you get your followers engaged.

You shouldn’t overwhelm them with posts. The best time to post your content depends on your industry.  You should consider the time zones of your customers.

You get to know this when you analyze the Instagram Insights.

Share Amazing Content

Instagram marketing campaign deals with sharing great content. However, it may be challenging to find the right videos or images.

Your content should align with your business goals and objectives, and should be appealing to your readers.  Do not forget that hashtag is the watchword of Instagram.

Here are some of the Instagram marketing campaign content you can share:

Thought Leadership

You should share insights as a thought authority or leader for your niche. This type of post builds trust among your customers and creates brand awareness.

When you post this content, it is easier to engage your followers with conversations.

Corporate Culture

Learn to post behind-the-scenes activities or scenes in your business. This will help them understand that you love what you do as a business owner.

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To keep your fans or customers up to date on new hires, product or service launch, or sales, Instagram helps you do that. However, you should do it with appealing visuals.

Instagram Marketing Campaign

Take High Quality Photographs

To ensure that your Instagram marketing campaign works, you have to take high quality pictures.  You do not have to be skilled full with expensive equipment to do this.

You can make use of your smartphone in taking great pictures and posting to the platform.  When taking pictures, have this in mind:

Explore Different Angles: You should find the perfect angle for your pictures. Take your pictures from different angles to get it perfect.

Use Natural Light: Do not allow flash to mar your pictures.  Make use of natural light to create softer pictures, especially on the eyes.

The Rule of Thirds: When you start your Instagram marketing campaign, you will learn the rule of thirds. How does this work?

The camera phones have built-in grids that let you position your subject to ensure that the picture is off center and balanced.



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