How to Create Online Contest with Plugins

How to Create Online Contest with Plugins

How to Create Online Contest with RafflePress

Do you know how to create online contest with plugins? One of the best WordPress contest plugins is RafflePress.Have you heard of RafflePress or used it for your online giveaway? How does RafflePress work?

 This plugin is easy to use and powerful contest plugin that comes with a drag and drop builder in how to create online contest.

How to Create Online Contest


This makes it simple for people to create an amazing giveaway widget or contest landing page in no time. 

When you make use of RafflePress, it offers you an impressive list of features to make your online contest more professional.

How to create online contest with plugins such as RafflePress helps brands grow their email list, drive website traffic, and increase social media follows.

You can make use of the free RafflePress Lite plugin if you do not want to get the premium package.

Do You Know How to Create Online Contest?

How to create online contest with RafflePress can be done in this simple step-by-step way:

Create Your Online Contest

For you to get started with this plugin, you should download RafflePress install and active it on your WordPress official website. 

When you have activated RafflePress, it will show up on your dashboard. For you to create a new giveaway, you should hover over the plugin’s icon.

Click Add New in your WordPress dashboard. How to create online contest begins from this step. 

Name Your Contest and Choose a Template

When you have clicked Add New, a new screen takes you to where you name your contest. You will choose an ideal template for your campaign.

No one sees your contest name except you because it would not make sense to the users. The template you selected will help you build your online contest easier and faster.

How to create online contest has been made simpler with plugins like RafflePress. You should select a template based on what you want to achieve.

Some of the templates deal with Grow Your Instagram Following, Pre-Launch Campaign, Grow Your Email List, and more. 

Hover over the plugin and click Use This Template.

How to Create Online Contest

Set your Contest Prize Details

When you pick your ideal contest template, RafflePress giveaway builder comes up for you. This is one of the vital steps on how to create online contest.

If you make a mistake here, your audience might not want to participate in your online giveaway.

You should click the Giveaway Prize Details section to include your prize and other details you want to add.

For you to make your giveaway more appealing, you should add an image. How to create online contest with pictures is easy.

Click Select Image button and choose an image from your media library or upload a new one from your computer.

Click on the Done Editing button after you have finished with the image. You can click +Add Another Prize button if you want more prizes for your contest.

You should set your contest start and end dates in the Start and End Time section underneath the Giveaway Prize Details.

The last thing to do is to click the Save button.

How to Create Online Contest

When it comes to how to create online contest, plugins like RafflePress can help you create an amazing contest within a short time.

Here are the next steps to create your contest with RafflePress:

Select Your Contest Entry Actions

The RafflePress offers you different ways to select your contest entry. For you to select the entry actions, you should click the Actions tab.

You will find different entry methods you can use for your contest.  

These entry actions are grouped under the following goals: Get More Traffic, Get More Social Engagement, and Get More Subscribers.

You can add more things to your entry actions if you feel like doing such. Save when you are done with the entry actions.

Design Your Contest

You will have to customize the design of your giveaway. This is one of the steps of how to create online contest.

This step is simple; visit the Design tab and customize your design. Select your layouts, background color, or image for landing pages, fonts, and more.

Save everything.

Configure Your Contest Settings

Finally, on how to create online contest, click the Settings tab, and configure your contest rules.


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