Counterintuitive Method Social Media Reduces Work Stress

Counterintuitive Method Social Media Reduces Work Stress

Counterintuitive Method You Can Reduce Work Stress with Social Media

Today, employers and employees can use a counterintuitive method to reduce stress when you use social media. Most brands do not know how they use social media to avoid work burnout. 

Counterintuitive Method


It is a general belief that when you stay away from social media, you get better in your personal and professional life.

In truth, we need to take our time away from our smart devices to have a mental and physical reset. We know the adverse effect of social media, especially for business.

Why do we say that counterintuitive method can help reduce our work stress when we use social media?

We know that when you frequently make use of social media, you become addicted to it. It can also cause stress to users.

Social Media vs. Work 

We have relevant work-related social media benefits for businesses. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others are indispensable tools you can use for business.

For those who work from home or remotely, social media can become their dependable ally. Despite being a necessary evil, entrepreneurs are still investing in the social world.

Consistence in online engagement is vital for a business operation, including marketing and staying relevant in business. 

While we try to avoid getting addicted to social media, we make use of the counterintuitive method to moderate our activities on it.

If you can make use of a counterintuitive method while using social media, you tend to decrease stress.

 If one platform is causing you stress, de-stress when you move to another platform. 

The key to constantly engaging your audience while reducing stress can be done when know when to switch gears within social media.

Counterintuitive Method

What to Know about Counterintuitive Method on Social Media

For those who can implement the counterintuitive method correctly, they tend to become more efficient and productive while using social media. 

How do you use a counterintuitive method to reduce work stress? Here are a few ways this can be achieved: 

Switch from Personal to Business, and Business to Personal

 If you want to utilize a counterintuitive method to reduce burnout or work stress, you have to learn how to switch off between your personal use and business-related work.

The time you spend chatting with your friends or family or surfing the internet can make you become more productive.

If you work without break because of excess work tasks can lower your productivity. You might be busy working, but you might not achieve much if you do not take a break.

Short use of social media can become your counterintuitive method to de-stress yourself. 

It can help you unwind and return rejuvenated.

When you take a social media break, you might end turbocharging your connection-building and networking skills.

These personal connections on social media might help you find potential partners, independent contractors, and new employees.

The Counterintuitive Method of Social Media Can Help Your Business 

Counterintuitive Method

The counterintuitive method social media can support your business might be through maintaining your business connections on platforms such as LinkedIn.

When you use social media to connect outside of your niche, it can offer insights and invaluable ideas to your business.

This makes the counterintuitive method on social media use important for businesspersons. 

Switch off Between Networking and Advertising

A counterintuitive method on using social media can help you with ideas and connections to grow your business.

One of the tactics social media support businesses is through social advertising. It is more effective to maintain and build connections with clients or customers who are supporting you.

You can make use of private messaging or chatting with followers in the comment section If you feel burnout.

When you make use of a counterintuitive method for your social media campaigns, it is easier to transform your networking campaign into advertising.

It might not be good to spend too much time on any social media platform. However, you can make use of the counterintuitive method to achieve your goals.

You should learn how to moderate the way you use social media. The counterintuitive method of social media use in reducing work-related stress is awesome.

Find your balance between work and plan, and add social media use for your relaxation and work-related connections.


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