8 Web Design Tips For Business Site

8 Web Design Tips For Business Site

In this era, talking about web design seems like a child’s play. It was not like this at the beginning of the 2000s. Coding and cracking codes have become what anyone can learn at the comfort of their homes. Most people know the details of building and designing a website.

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Whether you desire a website for your business or for personal stuff, you can do that with the right resources and tools.

Web Design Simple Guide

The step-by-step tip of developing your web from nothing is here. You don’t need to hire agencies, freelancers, or web developers. You need to devote time to set up your website.

The following are required before you start building your site

  1. Your Domain Name (customized web address)
  2. Your Website Hosting
  3. Free Web Design Platform like WordPress

If you must build a well detailed and functional site, a domain name or website address is needed. You secure the web name and get a hosting account. Without these two, getting a functional website is impossible.

Once you have acquired a hosting and domain, you can make use of any free website developer like Wix or WordPress to create your site. Most people make use of WordPress because it is simple to use. A one-time click process is what you need to set up your WordPress site.

Steps To Launch Your Website

Web design requires you to do the following:

Thing You Should Do 

  1. You select a domain name
  2. You register your domain name
  3. You sign up with web hosting
  4. You set up a website through your web host
  5. You customize the web design and structure
  6. You add contents and important pages
  7. You set up your navigation menu
  8. You can add your online shop (optional)
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Web Design Step-by-Step

Step #1: You Select a Domain Name

To design your website, you need a domain name to function online. The domain name you select becomes your address and web name.

Visitors come to your website through your domain name by typing it on the browsers. You can use anything to give your website a name. Most brands make use of their names as their domain name.

Domain names are paid for every year. The company you used as a domain collects a little token to keep you running for a full calendar month. For those who have not registered their domain name, these tips can help you:

  • Your business name should match the domain name you are selecting.
  • You can make use of your name or anything you love for your personal web site.
  • Make use of generic domain name extensions such as .net, .org, or .com. You can target those in your locality or country by using local domain name extensions such as .ng, .ru, .de, or .fr.   For those seeking international recognition, .org is perfect.

Step #2:  You Register Your Domain Name

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Web design becomes a serious business when you have your domain name registered. Also when you have a web hosting. The service provided by a web hosting ensures that web contents or files are hosted.  They also  stored  them on a secure server. The serve must be running every day. Without a host, people cannot access a web site.

Whether your hosting company or cheap, the following are features you sign up for when you paid:

  1. For Security, the free domain name comes with SSL
  2. For those using WordPress, a one-click-install is allowed
  3. You get customized email accounts
  4. You receive unmetered or unlimited bandwidth
  5. There is a 24/7 live chat from customer support
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Web Design Summary

A hosting company with the above features is a great provider. When you have done all these things we talked about here, you can start building your site. Web design can be handled by professionals if you want something sleek and great for a brand. WordPress is amazing, but if your brand is big, you may need the helper of a developer.

Web design has more to do with setting up a site. The developers are trained men and women who can fix issues that crop up often. They help you maintain you website and upgrades it when there is need for expansion.

Finally, learn to understand the simple things that come with web design. You can hire a professional if you can’t make use of these tips.


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