8 Custom Twitter Hashtags Tips

8 Custom Twitter Hashtags Tips

Custom Twitter Hashtags Guide

Why should businesses make use of custom Twitter hashtags?  These types of hashtags have become popular among businesses online.

Custom Twitter Hashtags

 Customized hashtags can be used on Super, Tumblr, Instagram, and other social platforms. Best of all, these customized hashtags are free to use.

Why Should Use Custom Twitter Hashtags?

If you are a brand who makes use of the social media for your marketing campaigns, you may wonder why you should make use of these custom Twitter hashtags.

We have listed a few reasons of why you should make of custom Twitter hashtags. Here are some of the reasons:

The Twitter Chats

One of the ways businesses can connect with potential clients and customers is with Twitter chats.  When you make use of custom Twitter hashtags, it is easier for you to be seen on the search engine.

When people search for a particular customized hashtag, they find it within seconds unlike hashtags without customization.

For businesses that want to have professional and beautiful Twitter chat rooms, they can make use of a third party Twitter chat provider to design a chat room for them.

Monitor Reach Long-Term

With custom Twitter hashtags, you can track results after your marketing campaigns have ended.

 When you make use of  an all-purpose hashtag, a pre-launch hashtag, and other hashtags, you can easily track your long term analysis.

When businesses make use of customized hashtags for a campaign,  the reach of the marketing campaign and its long term results are measured because these hashtags are freely tracked.

The Embedded Timelines

You can get ahead of your competitors with custom Twitter hashtags when you embed a timeline that only displays customized hashtags of your brand.

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You can do many things with the embedded timeline if you know to personalize your timeline with customized hashtags.

Custom Twitter Hashtags

The Widgets and buttons.

Brands can improve their websites or blogs when they make use of widgets that let visitors tweet statements or quotes with hashtags.

You can design the widgets and buttons of your timeline to conform to your business. The good thing about this widget is that Twitter allows you to tweak your buttons with its automatic insertion.

Custom Twitter Hashtags Support SEO.

Custom Twitter hashtags help brands optimize their organic results. Since Google and other search engines easily index hashtags.

With hashtags, brands can reveal to search engine algorithms how they have connected to many people. However, descriptions have the biggest impact on brands’ rankings.


For promotions, you can make use of custom Twitter hashtags to attract potential customers.

These customized hashtags find their way to popular demands because most users identify them and remember them long after the campaign has stopped.

You can make use of these hashtags for your raffles, contests, discounts, and lots more. If you are good at creating great-customized hashtags, you have an advantage of the platform.

We have seen customized hashtags become viral because of the content.  Find ways to make your hashtags stand out on Twitter.

Event Integration.

The custom Twitter hashtags have become ideal for your live events.  You can create hype for your event on Twitter when you customize the hashtags you use.

 When you integrate events on the social media, it becomes fun, and easier for people to engage with your brand.

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With live hashtag feeds, you improve your online and offline engagements. This is what most businesses want to achieve when they use the social media.

Live Tweeting with Video.

Just like the Google+ hangouts, you can live tweet with your video in real time. Some people called it the live Twitter session or live tweeting.

We have seen business celebrities make use of this live Twitter question and answer sessions to connect with their fans.

How do you achieve success with this type of marketing? Create amazing custom Twitter hashtags for your sessions.

You can make use of promoted customized tweets or hashtags for your marketing on Twitter. Like we said, these types of customized hashtags can be applied in some social platforms.

You do not have to be a celebrity or a major business before you reap massive from Twitter.

If you have great customized hashtags that people will engage with, you have achieved half of your marketing campaign goals on Twitter.


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