6 Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

6 Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

Do you know how to generate word of mouth marketing ideas? We know that customers don’t trust startups more, but their fellow customers.

 Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

How do you develop an epic customer experience when they come to your startup?   If you have a strategy to retain your customers and make them happy, they refer others to you.

However, how do we make the best of word of mouth marketing ideas? You don’t rely on hope that people will tell others about you.

Instead, work towards tactics or ideas that actively motivate others to refer.  Do you have ideas that can change your business with word of mouth (WOM)?

What Do You Know About Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas?

One of the biggest shifts that we see around WOM is that most customers refer products or services in various ways.

Don’t think that these people make use of their voices, to make this word of mouth marketing ideas happen.  They use their fingertips to make things happen for their brands.

They make use of their social media platforms to share the news about your brand. They tweet, reshare, like, and comment on your products or services.

We have some ways you can create word of mouth marketing ideas.

Build Your Word of Mouth Activators

What do you do to trigger your WOM tactics?  The tactics you use to make your business outstanding in your space or industry is vital.

This means that you offer your customers, memorable feeling, thought, or experience, they can’t find anywhere online.

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 Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

They have no choice than to refer you to others in a good way. You can send out ambassador promotion emails after people join you.

Create Visual Activators

Disney created an unbelievable job with its visual activators when you see their theme parks. The company offer customers mind blowing visual experience.

They didn’t have to worry about creating more word of mouth marketing ideas because this strategy took care of that.

However, if you store online, it might tricky to create your visual triggers.  You may have a unique and stunning website that customers want to share.

You have more work to do with your conversions, ease of use, and navigation of your site. If you make use of Augmented Reality, you can create online buzz for your brand.

 Do Something Unique

Word of mouth marketing ideas helps you create something unique.  Ideas help you think out the box to activate people sharing your business to others.

However, we don’t mean that you have to totally reinvent your brand. You can market your products or services in a way that’s unique and different from what everyone do.

How Can Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas Be Used?

Make use of Emotional Provocation

 Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

When you tap into your customers ‘emotions, it can generate amazing shares and get them to talk to others about your startup.

You do this when you talk about things you believe in. You tie your startup closely to these beliefs on your social platforms, and anywhere you want to post.

If you have enough word of mouth marketing ideas, you can generate slogans, campaigns, and lots more that can help you tap into your market’s emotion.

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Support User Generated Content

When you encourage user generated content, you produce a more shareable, engaging, and powerful tool that is beneficial to your startup.

In fact, user generate content is more influential than your startup videos or photos.

 When you engage your customers, readers, or followers in a two way interaction system, they effectively endorse and refer your business to friends and the public.

You can offer promotional discounts for content that meet your criteria to encourage user generated content.

Push Reviews and Ratings Hard

With word of mouth marketing ideas, you can push for reviews and ratings.  Customers read reviews before they can trust your business.

This means that you need to prominently display honest and positive reviews of your customers for potential customers to read.

You post these testimonials and reviews in many places as possible; the social media, websites, in stores, and market places.

Push customers to drop ratings and reviews after you satisfied them with your products or services.   The more reviews and ratings you get, the more people trust your startup.



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