5 Startup Website Affordable Hosting Options

5 Startup Website Affordable Hosting Options

Startup Website Options When Picking a Host

As a new startup website onboard, you might have a tight budget to execute many of your projects.

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While funds are important to push you to a wide range of audience, your website should have a share of the money.

In truth, most local startups have no need for large sites.  Websites play a major role in giving you the platform you crave for online.

A site helps you develop a brand and becomes the access point of contact.  You can do virtually nothing if you have no website in our modern world.

The number one rule for you as a startup website is finding ways to cut down fund and still run your business effectively.

We have listed some affordable hosting options for you. We took into consideration, business size, platform, and cost.


Hostwinds serves as an affordable VPS hosting provider.  It provides services for small businesses and startups in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The service provider is reliable and has a no-downtime assurance.

If your startup website needs a 24/7 technical support through phone or live chat, Hostwinds is the service provider.

Some of the benefits of this provide includes nightly backups, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, affordable domain cost, dedicated IP address, free website, file transfer, domain name and set up.


If you are thinking of an affordable way of building your startup website, Bluehost is a web hosting service provide for you.

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It comes with tons of features such as GB file transfer, unlimited domain hosting, email accounts, hosting  space, domain name, and free templates.

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Bluehost offer startups a quick access to their phone and live chat support and a useful demo account.  You learn to use the control panel in advance before managing your site.

The host provider comes with many security features, such as a secure FTP, admin password protection; share/dedicated SSL certificate, and daily server backups for the safety of your information.

Your startup website gets ecommerce and shopping cart applications , survey software, WordPress, and CMS software.


When it comes to having an eco-friendly startup website, FatCow is the host provider for you. The provider comes straightforward, simple and makes use of wind power for its daily operations.

The friendly and knowledgeable team helps you through your difficult moments.

FatCow allows you to have as many domains, add-on domains, subdomains or parked domains as you can.

The ‘Moo Crew’ is technically advanced to handle your queries by email, live chat, and phone calls. You can make use of its library of video tutorials, FAQs, and articles to solve your challenges.

For a startup website that needs a strong email features like auto-responders, email aliases and a catchall email account, FatCow can help.

Startup owners will love the value-adds like credits toward Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Google AdWords, and advertising.

Don’t forget that you have a free listing on YellowPages.com when you have search marketing.

What If Your Startup Website Has Low Budget?

A Small Orange.

If you have a tight budget to build your startup website, A Small Orange has a small plan for startups or small businesses. The service provider has a dedicated or VPS hosting plan for everyone.

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The company offers unlimited email addresses, many hosting services, and web applications like CMS software, blog apps, calendar functionality, or forum.

It comes with educational tools like wikis and survey tools.


A startup website that wants security strength can make use of the 1&1 web hosting provider. The company focus on companies that have things to sell online.

Some of its features include daily backups, webspace recovery tools, shared or dedicated SSLs.

You can make use of its SiteLock to ward off signs of suspicious actions on your site. A startup website with unlimited disk space and bandwidth has enough speed and space for a smooth online running.

With the many hosting plans available on this service provider, you have the flexibility of choosing from the perfect host plans for your site

. You also get extra marketing value for the money you spent on your hosting plan.

This service provider offers a scalable solution for your startup to expand with a free ecommerce and shopping software.







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