5 Social Media Monitoring Tools

5 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools For Engagement

When it comes to business socialization, social media monitoring tools allow you monitor everything that happens on your social accounts.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

These social media monitoring tools monitor your account, keywords, hashtags, and conversations that’s relevant to you.  They save you time and let you utilize every avenue in the social media networks.

Why is Social Media Monitoring important to Business?

Social media monitoring tools is vital to the success of any social marketing tactics.  Social media monitoring is the process of tracking social media networks for relevant information for a business.

Take for instance; your business may want to understand this:

  • Relevant hashtags
  • Mentions of your niche or competitors
  • Brand mentions: with or without tagging directly; @ mention
  • General trends related to your niche

Social media monitoring tracks your major social metrics like social share of voice and brand awareness.

When you begin to collect this data, you find out about your niche insights and trends. You should take action based on what you found from these two factors.

The data received helps you move from the normal monitoring of your social media into the advanced process of social listening.

What do you know about these two?  Social listening deals with the future while social media monitoring talks about the past.

You gather information when you monitor the social media. This monitoring helps you collect details and data to improve your business on the social media.

You capture content from other users related to you. You measure your past successes and take note of what’s happening in your business’ social space.

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The use of the social listening, demands more strategic and activeness.  You can analyze your data for actionable details and insights.

5 Social Media Monitoring Tools

You can get this when you shift your business positioning tactics to engaging your satisfied customer.

Social listening makes use of the data a business had received to improve its social media tactics.

 Social Media Monitoring Tools

You could manually carry out your social monitoring by checking social media networks separately for hashtags, keywords, mentions, and so on.

If you manually check each social platform individually, it might take the whole day.  Don’t forget that you would have to develop a reporting dashboard for sharing and collection of your research.

With the number of social media monitoring tools on the internet, you don’t need to stress yourself and waste time cracking over data and report.

These tools would help you identify vital information and monitor more data.  Here are some of tools to use.


The Hootsuite allows you to track relevant conversations about your products, business, and industry via search streams on its dashboard.

You tract what users say about your locations, hashtags, specific users, and keywords. When you set up search streams for your social monitoring, it can be shared among team members.

Google Alerts

The Google Alerts allow you tract the internet for mentions of competitors, your company, or relevant trends or topics.

You check this out from the search box on your Google account. What this means is that you have to sign into Google to receive this information.

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You get email notifications when Google discovers relevant results based on your alert criteria. The alerts come with languages and specific regions set up.


This social media monitoring tool comes with over 50 filters that track conversations across millions of data sources.

Business owners easily track brand sentiment, comments, reach, and engagement with TralkWalker.

 Reddit Search

Reddit has more than 300 million average active users and over 10 billion average views monthly. The site can’t be ignored if you are serious about social engagement.

5 Social Media Monitoring Tools

The Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro helps you track the blog or website that sits on the front page of search engines for phrases and keywords relevant to your business.

You will discover those talking about your business, competitors, or brand in its active communities with social media monitoring tools.


The reputation management of a business is vital. Social media monitoring  tools ensure your business achieves this easily.

Reputology checks and monitors major review websites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.

A business owner can monitor activities across multiple locations and storefronts, and responds fast with quick links.

These social media monitoring tools can help you save time and make more money through deep insights on the social media.





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