5 Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales

5 Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales

Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales and Revenues

Do you know the exit popup hacks to boost sales? If you want to find ways to increase your business conversions, we have a not-so-secret weapon for that.

Exit popup hacks to boost sales is not a new tactic. The exit-intent popups have become what many businesses are using to boost their sales and revenues around the world. 

Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales

This hack will substantially increase your revenue and subscribers. What do we mean by exit-intent?

Exit-intent® technology allows a business owner to convert visitors when they want to leave your official website. 

This process detects when a visitor wants to leave and you quickly send a message at that pivotal moment.

The message shows up in a lightbox popup overlay. We will teach you some of the exit popup hacks you might want to use for your business.

Make Use of Visitor’s Name

You should not allow the popups to become generic. You have to customize or personalize the message if you want to make all the difference.

The exit popup hacks to boost sales must not make it generic. The visitor should feel personal when he or she reads the name on that message. 

When people are called their names, they have a sense of belonging and want to associate with the people who remember their names.

If your business can personalize its exit popup message, the person might want to spend more time. If your message is convincing, you might convert the person to your customer.

You should learn to ask a visitor for a name before you begin your sales. For those using the internet, they can make use of the exit popup customized with their names on it.

How to Use Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales

When you make use of exit popup hacks to boost sales, you should find ways to ensure that your visitors are comfortable with your campaign.

Personalize by Referral Source

You should understand that personalization or customization is important to making your advertisements feel friendlier.

When you use the exit popups, people tend to respond because of your personalization strategy.

You can achieve this through a referral source. What do we mean? The exit popup hacks to boost sales can be effectively utilized when you use referral detection technology.

This technology helps you understand where a visitor is coming from. You make use of the information from the referral detection technology to customize your exit popups.

Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales

You can personalize your exit popups for the traffic that is coming from a social media platform.  

For those whose referring domain is Facebook, the exit popup could be customized to appeal to such visitors.

Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales with Posts

Offer a Content Upgrade

When you want to achieve success with exit popup hacks to boost sales, you should think of upgrading your content.

Some visitors might have visited and did not get what they wanted from you. You can simply upgrade your content and present it to those who have left your business.

Suggest Related Posts

Content is king. Whether you are an eCommerce store or a publisher, remember that your website functions as an online storefront.

When people spend more time on your page, the better for your business. You have the goal to ensure that your page bounce rate is low.

If your bounce rate is high, people tend to leave your site and go elsewhere for information. Make use of the related posts to keep them reading more articles on your page.

When you suggest related posts to your visitors, they tend to spend more time on your sites. Make sure that your headlines are clickable and use enticing images too.

Give Your Visitors a Few Choices

The exit popup hacks to boost sales include offering your guests a few choices. When you leave them with many choices, it often backfires.

Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Sales

For businesses with different buyer personas, try to offer a few choices for your visitors.

 You only give them what you think best for each visitor when you allow them to choose what they want.

These exit popup hacks to boost sales will help your business grow faster. While the steps listed might seem simple, the utilization might not be as simple you think.

Make sure that you use the right strategy in boosting your sales.


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