3 Web Hosting Hacks For Business

3 Web Hosting Hacks For Business

Web Hosting for Business

Web hosting has become a commodity that web owners cannot do without.

You decide the disk space and bandwidth that your site needs.

In the beginning, this wasn’t so because of limitations on web owners.

Web Hosting

If you want a functional website, web hosting companies pamper you with inconsequential hosting costs and choices.

However, don’t make the mistake of relating web hosting is a commodity like gas or electricity.

The fact that hosting possessed many moving parts means that these parts need to work together.

They work in harmony to produce uninterrupted and high quality service.

If you select an affordable hosting, it might mean a lot of things to you.

It might appear like a rational decision, but feel like a false economy because of the harm it could cause a brand.

Questions You Should Ask About Web Hosting

While web hosting may be the irreplaceable knob to be online, how do you know that your website has outgrown your hosting service provider?

What’s Your Website Loading Times?

Web hosting providers look at the load speak of your website if you need an improvement.

However, you can make use of some websites to check the page speed of your site.

Load speed plays a vital role in keeping your site desirable online.

The faster your website loads, the better people have an excellent experience.  People are put off by slow loading sites.

Gone are the days when we concentrate more on desktop users.

Today, with the explosive usage of mobile devices, mobile users have skyrocketed.

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Mobile browsing has become the major users of the internet.

Web Hosting

Google considers site speed as an important variable in measuring a site’s search algorithm.

There are factors that make you feel a site’s load speed and they are related to design.

In web hosting, improving your load speaks can take time and get expensive.

You can upgrade your hosting to either Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Solid State Drive (SSD).

Does Your Web Hosting Have Crazy Tenants?

Nobody wants noisy or crazy tenants. Whether these tenants are noisy or anti- social, they tend to change the tone of an apartment.

The scenario is similar to what happens in web hosting.

If your hosting service provider has tenants that are crazy with their bandwidth and disk space, you may have a problem at hand.

Some users of the same hosting plan push for more as they try to exhaust their plan for the month.

While they strive to exhaust their plans with excessive loads on the server, everyone feels the impact system.

When this happens, their activities directly affect the speed of your site.

Before rushing for a web hosting plan, check for tools like CloudLinux that limits what you can do with your plan.

If your hosting company doesn’t have such tools, don’t jump in.

What’s Your IP Reputation?

For servers  hosted on suspicious  IPs, it will be blacklisted immediately.

If a server is got spreading malware or sending spam,  its reputation would be ruined.

A web hosting company involved in any of these practices suffers low patronage.

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Web Hosting

If your site is hosted in this type of server, that’s a serious problem for you.

You will have challenges with your search ranking to email deliverability.

You can save yourself this stress by making use of software to track the reputation of your IP.

If your IP is blacklisted, you do yourself the favor by staying away from the hosting company.

Also, your IP may be blacklisted because of what other clients sharing the same server do.

This may be done when they use out-of-date software or insecure applications.

The clients may not be aware of their harmless activities harming the server.

If you notice that an IP is blacklisted, you shouldn’t make use of the web hosting company.

These three questions can save you money and time online.

For struggling websites with a tight budget, spending money on web hosting that has problems may not be beneficial to you.

That, a web hosting company is cheap doesn’t mean it will save you money.

You should get a hosting company that will help you grow without running into trouble.

The company may be affordable , but should serve you with the right tools.



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