3 Top Apps For Your Social Media Contest

3 Top Apps For Your Social Media Contest

Top Apps For Running A Social Media Campaign

When it comes to top apps for your social media campaigns, you have many choices to make. There was an era when this was not so because of few apps on the market.

Top Apps

Today, we have hundreds of apps that can help you prepare for any social media contest.  You generate quality engagement with potential customers or fans and build an email list with this strategy.

Social media contests may be simple and easy to run like a small sweepstakes. It could be complex like starting a picture contest, which include voting, Instagram entry, and social sharing capabilities.

We have quite a number of these tools you can use and make your social media contents amazing and a success.

Why Will You Use Top Apps For Your Social Media Contests?

The good news is we have done some research on these tools and found the following:


 VYPER is one of the top apps you can use for your social media contests.  The tool is a contest builder with companies’ goals and designs in mind.  It comes with easy to use templates you can customize.

A special feature about VYPER is that it makes use of incentivization and gamification. These will help web owners reward their participants when they share, like, tag and refer or even purchase things.

VYPER has many reward systems, including list placement, milestones, random winner, tiers, and redemptions.  You can make use of its points systems for your contents.

The reasons why this is included in our top apps for your contents include:

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The App Publishing Options- The app landing page doesn’t need coding or hosting. It is easy to use and can be embedded in your page or widget.

The Social Media Integrations- VYPER works with many social media platforms including Spotify and App stores. You can make use of its “Custom Bonus Action” feature.

This feature allows you to integrate into any social media platform.

The Campaign Options: What top apps like VYPER does for you is to give you campaign options.

These options come in the following ways, giveaways, contests, reward programs, sweepstakes, loyalty programs, reward programs, waiting lists, free downloads, referral programs, and   UGC campaigns.

It also has leaderboards features for you.

Top Apps


 The Heyo is one of our top apps for your contest campaigns.  It takes care of agencies, consultants, and small business.

You have amazing contest templates, great support, intuitive user interfaces, and other great features for your content.

One of the unique features of this app is that it’s mobile responsive. You don’t need to worry about how it will appear on the mobile version.

These benefits are what make Heyo one of our top apps for your contests:

The Publishing Options – The website version that can embed into users’ sites, Facebook and mobile publishing offers available.

The Social Media Integrations – Users can integrate their LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook,YouTube, Twitter, and  Pinterest.

The Campaign Options –  You can make use of its free download, video contest, group deal, refer-a friend, and a photo contest for your campaigns.

Why Top Apps Are Great For Youe Business Social Campaigns

Why do you think people make use of some of these top apps for their social media contests?  The reason is simple.  They have many features that make contests easier on the social media platforms.

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 WooBox is one of the top apps you need to create an amazing social contest for your customers.  The app has a massive contest of apps to select from its library.

The templates are configurable and will help you meet your business requirements. Here are some of the benefits of using it for your social contests:

The Publishing Options – You can make use of it on your business Facebook pages and website. The web version of the app is mobile compatible.

The Social Media Integrations – You can use it for your  Facebook,  YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Campaign Options – Users can make use of the app instant win, pin to win, video contests, brackets, polls, quizzes, photo contest, coupons, and sweepstakes options for campaigns.

These three top apps can help you plan your social media contests with ease.  They have many features that make campaign for the participants.



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