13 Productivity Apps to Improve Business

13 Productivity Apps to Improve Business

Productivity Apps to Help You Avoid Procrastination

Most of us don’t know that we have productivity apps that can help you escape laziness or get overwhelmed with tasks.

Productivity Apps

 Procrastination is not a single person’s struggle. It is a universal challenge that has rendered many business owners overwhelmed with loads of unfinished tasks.

However, we know many business owners don’t see this as laziness, but the lack to utilize their time or zeal to do a task. The number of items on their schedules paralyzes some.

To develop a great productive business work habit can be challenging. Fortunately, we discovered a number of productivity apps that can help you get back to your game.

How Productivity Apps Can Help You Win

The following are some of the productivity apps you may want to use:


Streaks is one of the productivity apps that works on Mac and iOS.  It offers an easy and effective to-do-list.

It encourages business owners to hone in at least 12 tasks they want to prioritize. It incentivizes the user to repeat tasks at specific intervals.

This helps you create muscle through the repetition in your work or life, where you desire to be productive.

Things 3

Things 3 is compatible with Mac and iOS. It features an intuitive and simple design to help users integrate into their workflow.

You will find out that you have escaped the tentacles of boredom with it.


TickTick is one of the productivity apps that work with Firefox, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome. You have many things to do with this app.

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You can integrate your calendars and emails with it. It has great reminder features including a natural language support.


Toggl works with Chrome, Firefox, Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. It is effective in your time tracker.

Productivity apps like Toggl helps you save time and work effortless on multiple projects at once.


Pocket is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.  We can tell you that it is one of the best bookmarking productivity apps on the market.

Productivity Apps

How Productivity Apps Can Help You Best

How can these productivity apps help you do many things at once? When you have an app that synchronizes with different platforms, it’s easier to use them in many ways.


Feedly works with Firefox, Chrome, Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. It helps you put a list of websites, including online resources together, to help you become more productive.

You get your information stay in one place without forgetting them.


Forest is one of the productivity apps that work on Chrome, Android, iOS, and Mac. The app is unique and help users stay focused.

It helps you stay away from distractions with its tree nurturing functionality.


When it comes to amazing productivity apps like SleepTown, you can use it for your Chrome, Android, iOS, and Mac.

The app allows you to create a healthy sleeping pattern by setting up sleep goals. You have rare buildings on the app when you achieve your wakeup and bedtime goals.


This app works best on Mac and iOS. The OmniFocus helps users group numerous tasks and keep them focused on achieving their priority list.

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Productivity Apps


Freedom works with Chrome, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows.  It is among the best productivity apps that blocks websites across all devices.

When you give it the websites you do not want to visit during work hours, it blocks them on all devices.


Magnet only works with Mac gadgets.  Productivity apps like Magnet functions like a workspace planner that allows users declutter their screens.

Magnet helps users spend less time struggling between windows and apps during work hours.

CopyClip 2

CopyClip 2 is compatible with Mac gadgets only.  When you make use of its Clipboard Manager, you may not want to let go of it.

It keeps track of what you copy into the clipboard and allow you to edit changes, delete or pin clip them.


Who doesn’t know about Evernote? It is one of the productivity apps that works best on Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

This app has become the king of taking notes. It allows you keep your lists, resources, and writings organized.

 It synchronizes your information across devices, and helps you collaborate with teams and friends.



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