10 WordPress Plugins For Killer Contents

10 WordPress Plugins For Killer Contents

With over 50,000 WordPress plugins on the internet, you can create amazing contents for your blog. When you look at most of the websites online, WordPress can boldly say it owns more than 25% of them.
WordPress Pluigins
Content management system has become refined with website statistics that we can install. Some of the plugins are premium while others are free to use.
Most web owners opt for these gifts from WordPress.
This has made it possible for websites with little budget or no budget to find their footing. They compete favorable among the giant websites.
Churning out relevant and high quality posts is what this free provider of websites cannot offer to anyone.
Every other things you need like the themes, dashboards and WordPress plugins are provided for you. You are the one responsible to creating your own masterpiece contents.


WordPress Plugins For Creating Amazing Contents

Word Stats
Linguistic diagnostics become clearer when you install Word Starts. The plugin comes with readability analysis, keyword counters, and word counters.
You gain entrance into variety of tools that will improve your contents.
It comes with a diagnostic table linking your old and new contents that are less shared prominent. You are saved from sharing such contents the more on any platform.
PrePost SEO
With PrePost SEO, you have a plugin that handles plagiarism, duplication of contents, keyword density, image optimization, Meta tags, contents, broken links, etc.
For a killer content, you can rely on this WordPress plugin to stay away from SEO pitfalls.
WordPress Plugins
Editorial Calendar
You see every one of your posts on the Editorial Calendar. Your contents are easily managed and help keep you maintain content management and scheduling of contents.
You can pull out amazing posts on schedule to suit your audience.

Why WordPress Plugins Is Important to SEO

WP Keyword Suggest
WordPress Keyword Suggest is a Yoast SEO plugin that provides keyword suggestions, gotten from auto complete Bling, Yahoo, Google, and others.
You get hundreds of keywords ideas with it. If you have challenges of getting keywords, this plugin saves the day.
Easy Content Templates
Easy Content Templates define the templates you use for your contents.
You create your posts or pages with stunning templates.
Create a unique format that will stand your site out with contents. The outlook of your blog becomes better with the WordPress plugins.
Search Everything
In three simple steps, Search Everything improves your default search functionality.
You often forget some of the old posts as you post more.
With the help of WordPress plugins, you churn out new contents without repeating old topics.
Add Link to Facebook
Facebook is everywhere online. No matter how you want to avoid it, it still shows its face.
Add Link to Facebook helps you share your killer contents on the social media.
With the number of people using Facebook, you can be sure your post may go viral.
SEO Internal Links
You have a lot to gain with SEO Internal Links. It offers automated search engine optimized links for nofollow, keyword lists, sites, and much more.
The WordPress plugin helps you understand why you should produce high quality contents.
With Zedity, you can create 100% visually contents and pages, with exceptional results. The WordPress plugin doesn’t need coding skills.
You can use it in adding amazing and extraordinary designs and themes to contents and pages.
WordPress Plugins
What can we do without image on contents? ImageInject has made it easy to insert your photos or images into your posts.
It searches for creative common photos from Flickr database on any topic you provide.
Edit Flow
Edit Flow help redefine the editorial workflow of your site. You have a better tagline that matches your needs.
The plugin comes with editorial comments, monthly calendar, story budget, user groups, and notifications.
Finally, these WordPress Plugins are for support. They cannot give you high quality contents if you are unable to create them.
The responsibility of these plugins is to ensure that a great content finds its place on the internet without difficulty.
When you have done your homework with your contents, these plugins move to optimize them for everyone to see.
Search engine optimization is one of the reasons why we make use of plugins on our sites.
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