10 Social Media Tools For Managers

10 Social Media Tools For Managers

Social Media Tools For Brand Managers

When it comes to social media tools, managers take time to make use of the ideal ones for their growth and productivity.

Social Media Tools

The social media niche has transformed with some amazing tools that users utilize for different things online.

We have seen how useful most of these tools have become in achieving marketing goals and objectives.

List of Social Media Tools You Should Know

Here are some of the social media tools you may want to use in your social campaigns:

The Post Scheduling Tools


In 2016, Neil Patel chose Buffer as one his amazing tools on the social media. This tool has not lost out of the competition, and has become better than the original design.

It has a great drag-and-drop scheduling features that work on most social platforms.  Buffer is a powerful tool for social media calendar organization.

Buffer has a browser extension and a mobile app to help businesses curate their content across different platforms.

 The tools analytics provides insights into user’s engagement across many platforms. It helps managers know the ideal time to post on any social platform.


Later was initially created for Instagram managers. The tool has moved to Pinterest and Facebook scheduling respectively.

The tool has a rich visual content calendar  and a drag-and-drop scheduling feature. The content calendar helps users preview their Instagram profiles.

You should understand that Instagram’s API hardly allows users to auto-publish.  However, Later let you do this with saved hashtags, captions, and other pieces of texts.

Social Media Tools For ads


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If you are looking for amazing social media tools for ads on Facebook, you may want to consider Adespresso. Adespresso help brands maximize their return on the amount spent on ads.

If you want to optimize your ROI and spending on the social media, Adespresso will help you achieve both.

Ad Stage

Ad Stage is one of the social media tools that help managers run ads on many platforms. You don’t have to pull data manually from individual platforms.

Social Media Tools

Ad Stage help managers pull data from Bing, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and many other, and gives you an overview of all the marketing campaigns you want to carry out.

This social media tool is great for companies that want to extract cross-social media platform data quickly.

The Social Media Tools For Analytics


Most content marketers make use of powerful tools like BuzzSumo to understand how their content performs on different platforms.

For managers who want to compete on keywords and hashtags, BuzzSumo allows them to  learn about things performing excellently on their same queries.

This lets them refine their marketing strategies based on what they got from this analysis.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the powerful social media tools for analytics.

 When you get your social media accounts linked, you get a complete overview of impressions, followers, growth, and engagement.

This tool is great for managers who manage multiple platforms for their clients.


Have you used snaplytics before? The tool focuses on Instagram and Snapchat stories. It analyses the clicks, open rates, drop-off times, and other factors.

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Brands that make use of some social media tools take advantage of this tool to gather insights on their customers and stories engagement.


Famoid is one of the social media tools for analytics function. It gathers a complete overview of an instagram account’s engagement percentages, followers, and clicks.

The Social Media Tools For Creative


Rev is ideal for managers who love video marketing campaigns.  This tool matches videos with a transcriber. You should know that subtitling is vital in video campaigns.


Promo works like a Canva that allows managers build static social media assets for their creative.

Social Media Tools
Kiev, Ukraine – January 11, 2016: Background of famous social media icons such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Linkedin, Tumblr, Myspace and others, printed on paper.

With Promo, you can browse through many stocks of videos and get them imported into the Promo’s online video-editing suite.

The suit helps you with smooth transitions and the addition of text overlays.  Managers import videos in friendly sizes and formats on the social media.

Managers make use of some of the social media tools. Some of the tools may work for you while some may not work for you.

Everything depends on what you want to achieve on the social media. The platform you use also depends on the type of tools you need.


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