10 Podcasting Commandments To Know

10 Podcasting Commandments To Know

Podcasting Commandments You Should Know

Podcasting commandments will help you create loyal following and powerful brand.  Right now, we are getting used to brands starting podcasts to help them with sales and campaigns.

Podcasting Commandments


If you check online, you may find over a million podcasts with millions of episodes you can listen to.  What this means is that podcasting is very vital in our business world.

This podcast is for people who are well educated or want to learn something useful.  The audience of these podcasting is willing to pay to learn in some cases.

However, we have podcasting commandments, you must use if you want to achieve success in this communication niche.

It’s not only the perfect microphone that can help you become successful during podcasting, we have listed some commandments you should follow religiously.

Podcasting Commandments for Your Campaign

Thou Shall Not Consider Money First

The cost of setting up a podcast may not be cheap, especially if you want a world-class podcasting studio.  Why should you not consider money first?

Most podcasts make no request for money when they start, while some spend tons of money to podcast to their audience.  You should know that a podcast success is not measured in money.

Thou Shall Become a Customer

You don’t start up something you dislike. The person who is creating it should enjoy the podcast.  If you do not like what you want to podcast, how can your audience flow with you?

We know that there are many materials out there that are thrash. You should churn out something your audience would want to learn from and engage themselves.

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You should be a customer to your podcasting first before others. It is one of the podcasting commandments to learn.

Thou Shall Showcase Your Brand Well

Since one of the podcasting commandments forbids you from thinking about money during podcasting, you should consider building your brand with it.

Every moment you speak to your target audience, you should create positive impressions of your brand.

Even if you are not promoting the brand specifically, you should be an authority in what you talk about.

Thou Shall Be Productive

Podcasting commandments require that you give out information that your audience will learn and become productive.

People don’t listen to you because they are jobless, they actually want information on personal interest.

Podcasting Commandments

Why Podcasting Commandments are Vital

Podcasting commandments help you understand what you should do and what to avoid during your podcast. If you miss some of these commandments, it may affect your following or business.

Thou Shall Stay Away From Sales

Although, building brands are one of the purposes of starting a podcast. This means that you can sale by extension. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to create a commercial line for your podcast.

People know where to get advertisements and not on your podcast. Your listeners come to you for personal edification. It is your duty to make them comfortable around your podcast.

Thou Shall Get a Little Personal

One of the podcasting commandments is that you should get personal with your listeners. You should connect with your loyal listeners and build a bonding link with them.

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Whether you want a podcast about investment, child rearing, or fly fishing, you have to share original self-stories that will validate your talk.

Thou Shall Build a Reliable Format

When it comes to learning about podcasting commandments, you should seek for interesting and latest information for your listeners.

These listeners want something better than the previous podcasting. You should build a format that each episode should follow.

The audience should know what’s coming next to keep them prepared for you.

Thou Shall Not Stop Releasing Regular Episodes

If you must take podcasting commandments seriously, you should always send out episodes on regular interval.  This will keep you glued to your audience and make them loyal to you too.

Podcasting Commandments

Thou Shall Act Professional

No matter the topic you are presenting, you should not allow it to get over you. You must act professional always while podcasting.

 From your setup to the studio and presentation, everything must look matured and professional.

Thou Shall be Friendly/Sociable

You have to be sociable when it comes to podcasting. Podcasting commandments, let you know that you have to be friendly to your listeners.


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