SEO Marketing Traffic Guide

How To Explode Your Website with Organic SEO Traffic

The golden rule of having a lot of SEO Traffic is "Link Exchange". The more you are exchanging links with your social media & web partners the more traffic you are going to get. This is simply SEO basic tips for marketing & growing any website old or new...

LinkNotifier helps you Manage & Find those links that your niche really needs in order to grow bigger, We achieve it through our AI Algorithm which studies carefully each of our customers and suggests you with whom you should exchange links in order to grow safe and fast. Once exchanged our tool keeps track on your links and makes sure they stay alive on all the websites you chose to exchange links with, this way your partners will not be able to simply remove your link without you knowing it first.

In a nutshell Follow this 3 simple steps:
#1 Add Your Website to our Tool under "My Websites" Panel Then Press on "Start" From Your Dashboard
#2 Press on "Exchange" & Choose which Partners you are happy to exchange links with
#3 After you exchanged a link with a new partner, Go to "My Links Panel" and Add your exchange partner site so our tool can notify you in case he removes your link in the future

Here is how to configure LinkNotifier to achieve a massive success on your Link Exchange marketing effort with more details:

  • 1.

    Add New Project - For each of your clients create a new Link Exchange project to manage all the relevant link under one place.

  • 2.

    Choose Your Actions - Go to your Dashboard and choose the actions you'd like LinkNotifier to perform. Monitor if a Website is Up, Monitor if the Links are still there, Build a Sitemap, Broken Link Reports, Join Link Exchange Program ... If you uncheck an action from your dashboard it will not be performed at all.

  • 3.

    Add Email Notifiers - Go to your Dashboard and on the right add emails where you would like to be notified if the sites are down or the links are not there.

  • 4.

    Add Website - Go to your My Websites Panel and on the right add a Website, Turn it on, Choose your actions on this website such as: Register it on Our Link Exchange Program, Check if The Website is UP or Down, Build a Sitemap to This Website, Get Broken Link Reports...

  • 5.

    Exchange-Links - Press on Exchange button and choose with which websites you are willing to exchange links with

  • 6.

    Add Links - Go to your My Links Panel and on the right add a New Link, Turn it on. Choose The Link you would like to check if it's alive, then choose the websites list in which you would like to verify that your link is still there, finally write a short memo about what to do in case the links are not alive

  • 7.

    Start LinkNotifier - You are all set! Don't forget to hit the "START" button on your dashboard. from this point you can close your browser, turn off your PC and go on a long vacation. LinkNotifier will work hard for you to make your website grow big and to monitor if the site is still up.

  • 8.

    Any changes? Want to add Email Notifiers, check/uncheck action from your dashboard, simply do it, there is no need to restart the service (press the stop and then the start button). LinkNotifier is smart enough to get any little change without restarting.

  • 9.

    Questions Or Suggestions? - Any questions about how to use your LinkNotifier tool or maybe even a new feature you'd like us to add just for you. Don't hesitate to Contact Us or Check-out our SEO Tricks & Tips

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