Our Benefits

  • Artificial Intelligence

    We developed a highly sophisticated SEO deep learning algorithm to check which sites are beneficial for your niche to grow your traffic, once found we will contact the owner & ask for a permission to do a Link Exchange

  • Website Up Check

    LinkNotifier Constantly checks if your website is still Up or just got Down, Notifies you and a large email list when it is down, so you will not lose any Future Traffic

  • Link Exchange Still There

    LinkNotifier Makes Sure and Verifies That your Marketing is effective by checking if your partners are still showing your links in your desired website, notifies you and others in case they remove it

  • No Downloads

    LinkNotifier Runs on the Cloud. No need to install any software, Once you set it up, you can logout, close your browser or even turn off your laptop, then just go on a long vacation and enjoy!

  • Check for Broken Links

    LinkNotifier Periodically monitors & checks that each link in your website is up & valid. You'll get a detailed report of all the links that are not working on your site

  • Build a Sitemap

    LinkNotifier can on request build a sitemap of all your pages and links. You can view at any time from your dashboard a Full Report of All the Sitemaps Created with SEO purpose on mind

  • Easy Setup

    You'll get it up & running in less than 5 minutes! We've optimized our website to work seamlessly on all mobile devices. Now you can access and manage your Links Exchange marketing tool whenever you want, wherever you are

  • Explode Your Site with Traffic

    LinkNotifier helps you gather many different links to your website and makes sure they stay there in this way your website will enjoy much more Customers & Traffic than ever before

  • Try it Free

    We're confident that you'll love our SEO tool. Try LinkNotifier for free and see why Over 9,270 World Wide Customers use our tools to achieve a massive SEO Marketing success with Links Exchange

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